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  • Hello everyone,

    My boss wanted me to make a software that allows him to create his own Video Presentation. He has this Powerpoint device that lets him go to the next slide or the previous one. I managed to program this into Construct considering it has the numpad commands.

    He wants to be able to set his so called checkpoints into the video so when he does a presentation he can fast forward to those checkpoints he made.

    I made a prototype which allows this but Seeks the video to 0 seconds if there isn't any value added on that spot. I want to make this an Array based software because then I can push and pop the checkpoints into/out of the Array.

    [Controls] Not changing these because I'm testing it with the device

    Numpad 3 = Next Checkpoint

    Numpad 9 = Previous Checkpoint

    B = pause/play


    capx (construct 2 - version 144.2 Beta)

    So, now I want to do this with Arrays and make it as easy as possible for every person to understand how to put their checkpoints into it.

    I used webstorage to store the variables, but storing Arrays would be better.

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  • my goal is to add and remove checkpoints on click.

    A real Video Checkpoint Edit Mode with easy interface

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