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  • Hello

    Is it possible to load video between game layouts? Say for example, I want to have a small video intro, then a game, then a cut scene and so on... how can this be handled?

    For my other question, I know point and click is possible, but is it possible with depth? Like Lucasarts games, where you can point and click, but where the character will grow bigger/smaller depending where they are, and will respond differently to barriers at these different depths

    Thanks for any help

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  • You can use HTML5 video with Rexrainbow's plugin

    Yes, is possible to create point & click game in C2, it's kinda complex, you should make some event for each different scene, if a sprite is almost top of window, it could mean Y < 100, Set small size to sprite and if is bigger on bottom of the window Y > 200, Set big size to sprite it's easy but it requires a lot of time ro practice

  • I figured it'd be something like that, though it could get pretty complex if the character needed to get much smaller without shrinking them too quickly

    Thanks for the plugin, I'll give it a shot

  • can anyone tell me how to set the source of the video to a video I have imported into Files section? It is NOT a's a local file.

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