How do I Get Video To Playback Within Android App

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  • Hi,

    I created a little app with Construct 2 that is suppose to work as a video player that plays a single looping video, and has a countdown timer that I programmed to add or take away time as needed by the user. The video file is 2 minutes long at about 140mb and is an .mp4 file. I added the video object and made the object size 1920, 1080 to facilitate the HD video and the canvas size for the project.

    When I preview the app within the preview browser, everything works fine. The video plays properly, the timer works as intended. When I try to export it to Cordova and build it with the Intel XDK or PhoneGap, the video won't playback at all. There is only a white background. The only thing that works is the timer.

    I want to have the video file hosted locally within the app itself to playback. Am I missing something with the file directory? The video is in the project under "Files" and the video object properties has the video file name and .mp4 extension as the h.264 source.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I wasn't sure where to post this and I have been looking for a solution for the past 2 days with no luck.

    Could someone more knowledgable please help me with this!



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