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  • First, I'd like to say nice to meet you all! I have been using construct for a while now and I absolutely love it. Making games and such has been very simple. I am making educational software and games for my school using construct 2. Whenever I have a problem I search the forums and have been able to find answers for almost everything this way. That is, until now.

    Problem: I am having trouble displaying video with my app.

    I have created a series of videos that students should be able to watch and learn from. I've followed some guides here on how to import the video files into construct and have them set up in the properties.

    The .webm videos work correctly, although, there is no sound.

    If I have only the .mp4 videos in the properties, I have just sound, but no video.

    And this is on my localhost playback. When I upload the files to the server, there is no playback. Video or sound.

    Through my searches here, I've seen that it could be the MIME types on the server. I don't think I have access to change these on my end. Is this something I must contact my host about?

    I've also seen that perhaps I could add a file called .htaccess to the parent folder on the server and add the MIME types myself. Is that possible? I have created a .htaccess file and added what I found in the MIME type page in the manual on this site. This was just a few minutes ago. I saw no change. Is there something specific I need to do to make them work?

    Other notes:

    -For my server access, I use Filezilla.

    -I am using Construct 2.

    -Windows 10

    -Tried videos in Chrome, Explorer, and Firefox.

    -Have also tried in Safari.

    Thanks for reading this and I hope that someone here can help me. I'm sorry if I'm unclear....

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