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  • Hi everyone,

    I have a problem playing a video on Safari. The video will simply never be displayed, on both Mac OSX and iOS. It works fine on Firefox and Chrome.

    Using the Video object I specified each of the 3 formats, but from Safari inspector it seems like only the MP4 is trying to be accessed. What's weird is that when I copy the direct link to the video from my server (using Cyberduck), and copy it in Safari, the video is played correctly in the browser.

    So to sum it up:

    • The video is in the correct format and can be read by Safari
    • The video is playable directly from the game's folder.
    • When played in the game, the video will not show up.

    I've read something about MIME types, but I guess that as the video alone could be played from the server, it shouldn't be that?

    Any idea of what's happening?

    Thanks !


    I finally solved the problem. It was due to a CAP letter being automatically shrinked down to low case by (probably) the FTP client Cyberduck. For some reason, every browser managed that except Safari. So if you run into the problem, be sure to rename your videos' names to low case.

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