Video on IOS/Andorid plattform.

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  • Hey,

    i got a question about videos on mobile plattform. Is there a possability to make the videos start automatically? Iam talking about an app iam currently working on.

    I heard, that if youre visiting a website, you have to make a trigger like push the screen or onto the video to start, to save service data or memory.

    But this isnt nessasary on an app, because...........its a app. Is there a solution to start any videos automatically?

    Thank you very much!

  • yes it's possible see the video plugin property "autoplay"

    i have different problem ... when the video is playing it goes to full screen

    i dont want that the video go fullscreen

  • matrixreal

    yea thats a problem too...not sure if there is a solution for this problem...

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  • Ashley


    Sorry for linking you directly but can you give us some inputs for this topic? i cant find any workaround/solution...

    • To touch the screen shouldnt be necessary to start a video on mobile device.
    • Is there an option to avoid the fullscreen mode on IOS devices?

    Do you maybe have some instructions/links/tutorials/anything to solve this problems?

    Thank you so much

  • Video plugin manual article


    On Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android, video playback cannot begin unless triggered by a user input event.

    The application you make out of Construct 2 is actually a browser "executing" your application.

    So no, no way around that I'm aware of.

    As for fullscreen, no idea why this is happening. Perhaps it is due to the fact that

    [quote:1riwzw5g]Safari on iOS does not currently support rendering video inside the game canvas itself. To work around this, the Video plugin creates a video element floating above the game, similar to a form control. This ensures the video can appear, but prevents other objects being displayed on top of it.

    Or perhaps it is due to the resolution of the video in regards to the actual resolution of the device.

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