Vertically Scrolling Background... Revisited

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  • Been messing around with this for a few hours now. I've looked at infinite runner demo's, a lot of posts on the subject, and still can't figure out what i'm doing wrong.

    Layout/ Window size - 320, 480

    Tiled Background size - 320, 960

    I've changed the X to Y = didn't work.

    Changed the .Width to .Height = didn't work.

    Changed the - to + = didn't work.

    I've changed everything that i can think of, even flipping/ mirroring the background, still doesn't work. The tiled background has the same properties as the infinite runner demo.

    The only thing i can not do is change the - to + in the Tiled Background event = Y greater/equal -self.Height / 2. It gives me a syntax error.

    Any ideas?

    Help is greatly appreciated.

  • I decided to tackle your problem in Construct 2 and try what seemed like the simplest solution to your problem and set up multiple backgrounds with the bullet behavior and the wrap behavior. The idea is that only one would switch to the other side of the layout, you would see the other one moving up and give you the illusion that the entire level is moving vertically because the backgrounds are infinitely looping.

    As you can see, I tried to get the to loop, but even though both scrolling backgrounds were right next to each other, there was a gap between them.

    Link to the demo on Google Drive here:


    In other words, we need to find the solution to this problem if we want to make a working veritcally scrolling background.

  • DerpyDev agreed!

    I worked on it for a few hours, decided to go a different route.

    If it's possible, and not that hard, to have an X axis scrolling background, there should be a way just as easy for a Y scrolling background.

    Maybe Ashley could share some of his wisdom here.

  • I am very new to construct 2, so I still don't understand what half of these features are. I had another idea that I wanted to try, but apparently there is not event that triggers when an object wraps around to the other side of the layout So unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to do this.

    If I had to guess, however, the issue with the idea I showed you is that it can't wrap and move a bullet in the same frame or something like that, allowing the other background to get a head start.

    I dunno. Somebody should just make an add-on for it

  • DerpyDev

    I'm sure an addon isn't needed. It's probably more a question of getting the logic right.

    Someone smarter and more experienced than myself.

  • Wait... I don't have the latest version of construct 2?

  • I'm running the latest beta

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  • Just noticed I made a X-axis scrolling background. Here is an example for a Y-axis:

  • makotto

    Thanks. I'll grab the latest version here in a bit and check it out. Indiedev is going to good right now. Don't want to break anything.

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