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  • I'm making a game for my Dad to replicate the gameplay of an old 80's vic 20 game ( which I can't remember the name of - if anyone had a vic 20, do you remember this game? )

    I'd like to run a vector trace every tick or so to check there are no gaps in the chunks and cause the blocks to fall to fill the gap.

    Is this possible, or would I just fire upwards invisible sprites to collide with the blocks and make them fall that way?

    For some reason also it doesn't work online- so you'll have to download the capx to play.

    Screenshot :

    <img src="" border="0">

    Download :

  • Why don't you just add a physics behavior to the blocks?

    See the result

    Download the project

  • Yeah, I tried physics and platform movement (with controls disabled), however neither acted in a very controlled manner - platform slowed the game dramatically, and physics causes the whole building to fall over.

    I've got a newer version working here, with winning/losing - I've now encountered a few new problems as demonstrated in this video :

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    When the 'level1' layout is loaded via "goto layout" event, the aliens respawn but the buildings etc don't, it's rather odd.

    New game version here :

  • Then, another thing you should do would be like this:

    1) create a imagepoint at the bottom of each block, called BOTTOM;

    2) check collision of each block BOTTOM to another block;

    3) then create a event: when block BOTTOM is not colliding with another block then set block Y + 1;

    Let me know if it works! :)

  • Cool - will give that a try tonight - didn't think you could check for imagepoint overlays.

    BTW - when going back to a layout, is there a way to reset it?

    When I trigger the level1 layour again, it only spawns the monsters - see the latest example - if you lose.

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  • Well, basically when you "Goto Layout" and set the same layout it would works. But don�t forget the global variables, you should also reset them, use the system expression Reset Global Variables for that!

  • Is there a difference between setting global variables in say - the "loading/title screen" layout and "level 1" layout?

    Just wondering what best practices is, I already messed up making things like the plane global objects, thinking if I were to reuse them on level2, level3 etc - they would keep the same properties.

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