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  • VECTOR Y = jump strength

    vector x = ?

    why am i asking?

    i made a condition that if i land on top of an enemy set vector y -700 and it works perfectly.it jumps again over his head

    i want to make a fallback movement for my hero when he gets struck by an enemy so i say

    player on collision with enemy -----   set player vector x to -300 or 300 depending on which side he is in.

    nothing happens!

    even i input 1000000 or 10 same thing. my player get kicked back a few pixels from what i think is the force of collision between the two(enemy has platform behavior as well)

    any ideas? thank you

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  • Try to lower the deceleration of the platform behavior when the player is being hit and possibly also disable player input for the duration of the "fallback".

  • The Y-Vector is the speed of the x-axis A.K.A horizontal velocity

    the X-Vector is the speed of the y-axis A.K.A vertical velocity

    <img src="http://www.nrcan.gc.ca/sites/www.nrcan.gc.ca.earth-sciences/files/images/edu/geod/images/2d.gif" border="0" />

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