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  • So i'm trying to make increasing knockback in my game, as in the more times you've been hit, the more pushed back you are per a hit (kinda like Smash Bros), i tried using vector x mixed with variables that increased because it kinda did what i wanted, but i quickly realized an issue, it had appeared that vector x had a max value, i tested by moving the number to 1,000,000 and it did nothing more than 500, is there a way to bypass this limitation and increase the knockback farther, or is it going to stay limited? also, it appears to be kinda randomized as is, like the knock back is going up and down.... which i find kinda weird, is Vector X actually the way to go, if so how do i fix it, if not, then what do i use?

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  • I assume you are using Platform-behavior. Vector x/y can not be greater than the maximum speed. If your object has 500 pps as max speed, vector x/y can be max 500 pps, too. In the event the object gets pushed, you have to give max speed and vector x/y the same value.

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