How do I vary sides for sorting?

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  • Hi there! I've been using Construct 2 for a while but I haven't done anything SUPER complicated haha.

    I'm working on a sorting game where players click the left or right arrow to sort the item left or right.

    I want to randomize the direction (left or right) the items need to be sorted but I want to give players a score (using variables) when they get it right. How would I do this? Thank you! Thank you so much!!!!

    EDIT: I solved one of my problems and reworded my other one!

  • Bump! I edited it!

  • Hi,

    Don't really understand what kind of game you want to make, can you make a sample so we can help you?

  • beufreecasse well I can't create a sample, thats the problem!

    I drew up a little sketch to show you. You sort the items in the middle to the side it belongs to. In the example you sort green and pink items to the right and blue items to the left. I already have it set up to vary what comes down the middle and I have that set up. I need help figuring out how I can vary the items being either left or right and give points when you get it right. Thank you!

  • Need further explanations :

    How do you want to decide if an item has to be on left or right?

    How do you want to move something on left or right ? If you press left arrow it goes to the left?

  • beufreecasse

    1. I'm not sure! Thats what part of my problem is, I was thinking of having an Object/sprite that has different animations for the different items. And I could have it choose randomly?

    2. The arrows sort it! Clicking left sorts left and clicking right sorts right.

  • this is what i understand, tell me if i'm wrong:

    Blocks are falling on the center, when you press an arrow block goes on the coresponding side.

    But when do you decide if player wins or not?

  • beufreecasse Yes there is a line down the middle with the blocks!

    But they do not go to the side when they are sorted, they vanish. Each block they sort correctly gives them points that are added up etc. There is a timer that ends the game.

    I need help figuring out how I'll be able to vary the sides each type of item goes on and help with sorting system.

    (For example, the pink item is on the left side the first time I play but the next time it could be on the right.)

  • For a block to vanish and increase your score you need to sort the block when it's in the same row of same color?

  • beufreecasse yes!

  • To vary items on left and right :

  • For score handling I will need you to send a sample capx.

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  • beufreecasse thank you for getting back to me! Now i'm just a little confused because I haven't worked with arrays before. Is "References" an object/sprite? Would it be easier if I sent you the capx file and you copied it to the file directly?

  • Hi,

    References are sprite yes. These are your reference block on left and right.

    Yes you can send the capx i will what i can do.

  • beufreecasse here you go!

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