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  • Sorry to pop up with so many (surely stupid) doubts and suggestions, but I thought about reuniting them all together in this subforum, acknowledging that maybe the General one was unappropiate, for comfort and cleanliness. I hope Ashley or Tom will delete all my other posts to avoid spamming.

    First, I exported my Construct 2 game using the appMobi wrapper, paying special attention not to set it with DirectCanvas. The final app works good (really good considering it's running with Android default browser), but I can't get it to display itself on fullscreen. Is there any way to do it? Maybe an option I might toggle?

    Second (as stated in this topic but clarified here), whenever I open the program to start working, Construct 2 sets the tab view with the layouts first and then all the events sheets. My workflow is better when every Layout has its own Event Sheet at its side, and so changing between the actual scene and the event editor is fast and convenient. As I said, Construct doesn't save the actual disposition of the tabs when it gets closes, and every time I start it I got to drag and arrange the tabs for it to look like this

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Would it be possible to make Construct remember not only the tabs that were open when it closed the last time, but also their order?

    Third, as I said in this topic, it would be great to have free formed tiled backgrounds. Is there any way to simmulate what I'm intending? As in, tiled backgrounds on top of the others, with alpha channels setting a cool and efficient scenario.

    Thank you all very much, hope this is better!

  • Sorry to being such a pain in the ass but... could anyone help me?

    I couldn't get myself to add more doubts, it seems abusive, but it would be awesome if anyone could give me some help with these three first.

    Thank you all, in advance!

  • More things! Seems like im encountering all the issues in a short period of time!

    Has any change being made to the cocoonjs exporting functionality in this release? Ever before r99, my games used to run perfectly in my S3, but now every little testing app makes my phone, to the extent that I got to take off the battery.

    Thank you all very much, hope Im not disturbing anyone!

  • I'm not very knowledgeable on the things that you've asked.

    But can someone give this guy some attention? xD

    OP, you seemed to have linked me to a post new topic


    Instead of the topic you said you introduced your idea of free formed tiles.

  • Oh, you're right! I've edited my first post to link my explanation towards this post

  • 1) appMobi should always run in fullscreen, do you mean removing the status bar? If so the 'hide status bar' action in the appMobi object should do the job.

    2) Re: tabs - this has been requested a few times, but is difficult to change because of the UI library we use. I'll try look in to it soon.

    3) Re: 'Free form tiled backgrounds': can't you usually fake these effects with a cleverly designed rectangle texture? The reason the tiled background is rectangle only is because the underlying graphics hardware is very very fast at rendering that - other shapes would be a lot slower to render, so it's best to use rectangles in the Tiled Background object.

    4) For issues with CocoonJS, it is best to contact Ludei. Only they can fix problems in the CocoonJS launcher.

    Hope that helps - sorry for the delay.

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  • Ashley

    1) That's exactly what I meant. Thank you very much!

    2) Looking forward to it, it would be a great addition.

    3) I think I was able to do it. Thank you!

    4) The thing is (as far as I know), Ludei hasn't updated their Android Launcher in a while, and so I thought every significant performance change would be related to the building process made with Construct 2. Since that drop appeared after r100 came out, I logically assumed it might be related to that update. Correct me if I'm wrong!

  • - performance should not have changed significantly recently, what kind of difference are you seeing? Still, Ludei apparently have an update coming soon which might improve performance, they are still actively working on their tech so it's still worth letting them know about potential issues.

  • Ashley

    Before r100, the game was perfectly fine after being exported with Construct 2' cocoonjs wrapper. After that release, the game starts alright but freezes the smartphone after some time, having to take off the battery to restart it.

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