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  • Anyone got some good examples of pathfinding behaviour combined with the line of sight behaviour?

    Whatever I build is heavy on the performance as soon as I use the line of sight behaviour.

    There are some tutorials, but they use their own line of sight, Im specifically looking at the combination line of sight with pathfinding.

    I have a large isometric game Im working on, and applied the pathfinding since last update, works great after the performance update.

    But I cant get anything decent running when combining with line of sight. (performance wise)

    So, I was wondering, who dabbled in the combination line of sight and pathfinding from the build in behaviours ?

    Caps, examples, links ....

    edit: I use it for enemies that walk around on a path, see the player and follow till out of sight.

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  • How often are you using the pathfinding ? I am guessing you are not running it just after the line of sight but on some kind of timer ?

  • In a lot of variations ...

    The pathfinding is not the issue ...

    since I changed to pathfinding, I have, next to the ai dev, at least 10 extra objects doing constant pathfinding towards me, and it works without a hitch. these objects work without line of sight.

    next to this, max 5 objects, doing pathfinding, while moving with a cone of 45, and stand still a cone of 360, distance 800.

    Made some progress today:

    I added a boolean check prior the los check, so its not using the los behaviour constantly, that made a small difference, then I changed the actions to a function, and it was even beter.

    Still not as it should, though.

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