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  • So here is what i want to do...

    Depending if a certain object instance is playing a certain animation

              Set the global variable associated with that perticular object instance to the corresponding value associated with the animation that is playing

    I want to do this in a way where im not copying and pasting tons of events and just changing the certain variables for each event

    To give more background...

    there are 66 object instances

    11 different animations

    the purpose of all this is to be able to save a sim city like game with each land plot(an object's instance)'s animation being saved and opened when game is reopened

    so the board opens up just how it was left

    Think if you build a skyscraper on a certain location when the game is closed i want the game to reopen witha skyscraper on the that location BUT 66 TIMES OVER with 66 locations and 11 building type possibilites

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  • ok sounds like you know what you want give each one a text variable and a number variable set the text variable to the animation name and set the number variable to the animation frame then load it according hope this works

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