How do I Variable Jumpstrenght

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  • Hi everyone !

    i'm currently trying to finish my character gameplay ! but i've got some problem, due also i guess to the touch configuration

    1 - My character should Jump with a variable jumpstrenght depending of how many time, you stay holding intouch.

    The thing is, as i have set on "on any touch start" -> character Jump,

    i don't know how having a robust system who calculate the correct jumpstrenght in real time during the same time i touch the screen. However there i have also seen something who stop the vector Y on anytouch end, but the problem is , in this case, the jump not look smooth during the fall it's not a natural curved line.

    thanks for your help

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  • i'm working/thinking on it, Maybe if i could be able to stop the vector Y "on any touch end" during a jump it could be a good alternative, like that i set a higher jumpstrenght value (the max), but i don't know if it's possible

  • Make a capx whit basic for recreate your scene so the most veteran or experience users will have more easy help you...

  • here is a starting point for you to try

    hold, pause then release left mouse button to jump...

    first press records time

    release works out time mouse held

    time held*1000 (in this case) sets the jump strength

    simulate jump command

    using latest beta - found at bottom of most pages under download

  • Firs tat all Thanks RamPackWobble for your time,

    The things is with your solution even if it work nicely, it's not the kind of behavior i was expected.

    after some test, i need to make in sort to stop the Vector Y on any touch end after a jump.

    do you have any idea ?

    thanks again for your help

  • Try - (not tested)

    if sprite (jump) touched simulate jump button

    if sprite button not pressed


    player is jumping---- set Y vector to 0

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