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  • How would I create vanishing platforms in a side-scroller context? As in, a platform sprite that will vanish if stood on too long and then respawn shortly after vanishing.

    I thought of using x-y coordinates as a condition, but I'm not sure how to get them to be paired together instead of as just separate events.

    I also tried the on collison with player, but the platform vanishes when the player touches the bottom or sides. I don't want that.

    I also tried the "on platform?" condition, but that didn't work so well. >_<

    Project link

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  • Briefly commented capx

    Thanks dude!

  • Cyblarg.capx

    Sorry to double post.

    I managed to get it working in the game me and my friends are working on but I noticed some very bad flaws.

    While the platform (the middle blue one) performs well when continiously moved on without leaving it or falling over, the player can abuse certain methods to avoid the platform disappearing.

    Some examples:

    If the platform is in the middle between two other platforms, the player could easily jump from the first to second (vanishing) to third (therotically, if they make multiple trips back and forth) without setting the middle one's function off. This also works if they simply jump from platform A (normal) to platform B (vanishing), run across it and then jump to platform C (normal). Nothing happens even if they do this repeatedly.

  • Remove the physic behavior from your player and your vanishing platform, tidy a bit the IPW group and it should work as intended.

    The physic behavior made it so that player and platforms are pushing them back constantly (making the "stuttering/shaking" effect that was noticeable).

    Without, player is steady on the platforms.

    Fixed capx

    If you absolutely need physics later in your game, spawn another object with physic behavior just on this moment.

    This topic should give you more infos on the subject.

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