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  • Hi, I'm new.

    I have used variables to identify different layouts in a selection screen and it was very useful, I changed only the last part of the layouts name and that helped me use a lot less instructions.

    I would like to know if there is a way to do something similar but with objects like pictures instead of layouts, I can't figure out myself how to do.

    The situation is roughly comparable to a level selection screen VS a gallery in which you select different pictures to be displayed.

    Basically my problem is due to the fact that I can only choose an object clicking on it with the mouse while I can choose a layout writing its name so I can add expression instead of a simple name.

    Thank you for any help and hints :)

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  • You can give an object a special instance variable.

    Like: Name.

    Object: Person

    give object person a name: Person.Name="player"

    To fetch it in events

    Pick Person by evaluate Person.Name="player"

    Action set textbox.text = Person.Name

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