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  • I want to create an adlibs style game.

    but instead of typing in random words. I want them to select from my word lists.

    and if word cat selected set word list cat items (milk;ball;catnip) would be selectable

    if dog selected set word list dog items (bone;chewy;ball) and so on.

    I have a basic list of items.

    every tick compare TextList

    if cat = selected set catlist visible.

    If ball = selected set catlist2 visible.

    If play = selected set text (The cat loves to play with a ball of yarn.) play (read text Ball of yarn)

    does this look to be on the right track or is there a better way?

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  • I would use JSON, like:

    {"cat": ["milk","ball","catnip"], "dog": ["bone","chewy","ball"]}

    unless you need more cross referencing, then maybe a 2-d array would be better. You can still use JSON, just the underlying data structure changes.

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