Using Spriter in C2 for dynamic animation changes

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  • So I know that Spriter itself allows you to swap out parts of a character during animations to change the look of it, as well as resize and stretch parts.

    But when using it in Construct specifically, does anyone know if it's possible to do these things dynamically through events, rather than as frames of an animation?

    For example, I'd like to create a customizable character; like making the hands bigger or smaller, elongating the arms, or replacing meaty fist hands with giant claws.

    It would be beyond tedious to create an entirely different set of animations for every minor variation in appearance, or to make a character composed of tens of individual sprites all animating individually.

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  • grimwolf, You could use: Every tick -> Set frame and scale

    I am planning to make system where it uses invisible Spriter animation and then set visible sprites on top of those and set position and angle from animation.

    Also if you are using animation for individual sprite you could make system that uses specific parts of one big animation.

    For example if one animation is using 7 frames and you organise those different parts something like animation order value means 0=meaty fist 1=giant claws. (0-based)

    Set frame -> hand.AnimationFrame+(animation_order.value*7)

                          \(this is Spriter animation sprite)

    Edit: Or maybe you don't have to bother whit that. Just but them on different animation on sprite :)

    Set frame -> hand.AnimationFrame

    This might be quite bad explanation but hopefully gives at least some ideas.

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