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  • Hi guys,

    I'm hitting my head to the wall here. I finally managed to get passed all the annoying dumb sh!t that C2 does without telling why it does it and have finished a game (of sorts). So I was creating my Start Screen for the game... it's a funny thing how this software works.

    I checked from the project settings and layout settings and C2 clearly indicates that I can choose to run separate event sheets for separate layouts. It indicates directly that I can choose which event sheet to use with a layout. It nowhere states that this is not so.

    Here's what REALLY happened:

    1. I created my little game on Layout 1 and Event Sheet 1

    2. I created a start screen via duplicating the Layout 1 ( is now Layout 2)

    3. I created a new Event Sheet (2)

    4. I started changing how my little game objects function in Layout 2 (I wanted to use my existing thingys to create the Start Screen) by changing behaviours

    5. I copied some events from Event Sheet 1 (game) to Event Sheet 2 (start screen)

    6. I get my Start Screen to work as I wish with all the bells and whistles, so my game seems to be ready (somewhat ready)

    (I checked that my layouts have their respective event sheets chosen in the Layout Settings - I have no event sheet includes between them)

    7. I launch the game and on the Start Screen I click the appropriate button (which works) and my game layout (Layout 1) is launched.

    8. The game is ruined - everything is shot to sh!t !!! The behaviours I made to Layout 2 (Start Screen layout) and the Event Sheet 2 events are manifest in the GAME PORTION OF THE DILLY DANG!!!!! WHAT THE H*LL!?!?!

    So I'm kinda pissed about this - please tell me there is a way to actually use separate event sheets... or pull out the function from the UI.

    And also... if you tell me that when duplicating a layout, this is what happens, then I'll just have to say that this C2 software is done half-a$$ed - there should at least be a warning or a function that created DUPLICATES as the function name alludes to.

    ps. I'm super pissed.... in case you didn't notice....

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  • See below.

    *Delete me*

  • So your issue is running seperate event sheets for seperate layouts -

    Sorry a little hard with all the ranting lol

    How to select an Event Sheet for layout:

    Okay select Layout you want to change event sheet. Is layout highlighted. Now look to your left and see layout properties. 2nd from top is event sheet. Click that and select the event sheet you want to use for that layout.

    Screen Capture

    Duplicate layout does just that duplicates the layout (no event sheet)

  • Well, the PS wasn't mandatory, I think we understood that this could upset you. To be clear, reading your post, I started to see the problem coming at the point 4.

    Duplicating a layout is duplicating a layout, and copy/past everything that is inside. It isn't cloning object types. Object types are common to your project, so if you add or remove a behavior on an object, it affects all instances of this object, no matter what layout it is in. Why ? Because it is common to use the same objects in different layouts. It is understandable when you look at the project window in C2, as the objects are not in a "layout directory", but in their own directory.

    Event sheet from the first layout aren't used in the second layout, unless you include them, it's the object configuration that is common, and that is most likely what went wrong here.

    There is nothing we can do here, it's too late, unless you kept a backup somewhere, or didn't close C2 for a while (Ctrl+Z is then your friend). Your problem wasn't duplication, but modification of used elements to fit your other layout.

    EDIT/PS : seems DUTOIT and me understood you differently here. I hope your problem was the one DUTOIT understood ^^

  • No Guizmus, i think I misunderstood, I think you got right issue. I hope I'm right for his sake, but I doubt it.

    If you are using a newish version of construct it should have a backup or two yourgame.capx.autosave and yourgame.capx.backup1 etc

    Copy backups to new location. And Press F2 or rename it and delete the ".backup#' part and open the .capx file to see where it saved it as in game creation.

  • Thanks guys for your support - in the end I just had to get my elbows greased and do it all manually - it was bothersome and required bunch of tweaking but I got it done.

    I would suggest for the devs to include some functionality into this as I'm sure there are others who might misinterpret this whole thing with the multiple event sheets and duplicated layouts...

    And ALSO - check this out! -> I totally forgot this in my description - duplicating a sprite (or any other object) is done via Clone Object type -command. So here I think I got the idea that duplicating a layout was actually cloning it. Maybe it would worthwhile to implement a Clone Template -function to avoid confusion.

    For example if there are multiple types of enemies it would be really cumbersome/laborous to clone them all by hand to insert some other functionality to them in another event sheet for a different purpose. Make sense?

    Anyways, I did the labor and got it to work.

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