Using RPG Maker VX Ace tilesetswith Construct 2 Tilemaps

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  • Hello, I own RPG Maker VX Ace along with some of the DLC resource packs and am trying to use the tilesets in Construct 2's Tile maps. The problem I am running into with these sets is that in Construct 2, I am unable to make, for example, a stoney area in the grass that is larger than 4 tiles, 4 corners, at a time. In RPG Maker VX Ace, it somehow draws over tiles to connect them.

    I don't know if what I'm saying makes sense, I can't post the tileset I paid for for copyright reasons so I'm posting an image of a free tileset found on so thaty you can take a look at what I am talking about. They are all 32 x 32 sized tiles.

    Is there anyway to make Construct 2's Tile maps to function similarly to how they do in RPG Maker VX Ace?

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  • I don't understand at all. What do you mean by "connect them"? If you use that tilemap in C2 it should work just fine.

    edit: oh I think you mean auto-tilemapping? C2 doesn't have that so you have to draw the right tiles yourself. You can also use Tiled (C2 can import Tiled files just fine) and Tiled does have an auto-mapping option, but you have to set the rules for it manually and it can be somewhat of a pain.

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