Using "Is overlapping at an offset" event

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  • Hi .

    Well , I am creating a game , there are 2 teams , both are controlled by the computer .

    Each team has 10 tanks . Tanks of each team should find he other team's tanks and attack them .

    Well , everything is ok up to here . Here is my problem :

    I have set the tanks to stop when they collide with another tank and then start moving again when they are not overlapping . but sometimes , when 2 tanks from the same team try to attack an enemy tank , they collide with each other and keep vibrating till one of them changes its target or destroys .

    I was searching for a way to solve this until this "Is overlapping at an offset" event caught my eyes . I believe that I can solve this problem using this ? But I don't know how to use it . Would anybody please teach me or link me to somewhere ? Or suggest another way ?

    PS :

    Sorry for my bad English , and thanks for reading .

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  • post capx - it is easier way for someone to help you, and it's usual practise when asking for soulution

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