Make 2 using physics objects not collided

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  • Anyone know how to say for example I got square using physics function and circle with physics function but I do not want them to collide with each other when they meet, so it likes just go past each ther can anyone suggest anything ?

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  • I am fairly sure that there is no way to currently do this.

  • hmmmmm you have to wait until they make a phisic switch

    to make the phisic stop when you want

  • Can't you use platform(or bullet)+solid behaviors instead of physics for at least one of those objects?

    Than you could just set solid behavior off when they colide/overlap

  • He probably needs them to have physics properties for other occasions in the game.

    I agree, this needs to be remedied.

  • Thanks for replies.

    What I'm trying to do is have ladder which the character can climb up but you can use your mouse by pressing mouse left button to drag and drop it and when dropped it uses physics to fall down, and I have pushable boxes where character can push boxes around, and when I have the ladder being dragged with the mouse and collides with the box it flings the box away, which I do not want. But thanks for feedback and I'll keep trying to figure something out.

  • when dragging the ladder you can replace the object with a non-physics object and when release create the physic object again

  • Pretty much what vtrix said except that instead of replacing the crates object, you can set them to physic.set immovable to true. This way, the crates won't move.

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