Using the Pathfinding behaviour for a sentry

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  • Simply put, I am trying to use the pathfinding behaviour as part of a sentry mechanic.

    While controlling the black circle, you shoot (by pressing space) and when the stone impacts the wall, it will create a sound (represented graphically).

    I've tried all sorts of combos, but can not get the red circles (the sentries) to behave properly.

    Ideally, when they are not near a sound trigger, they would march right, until they hit a wall (or invisable box) then head towards their initial position, and once there, repeat the action. If triggered, they would go to the sound, and once they are there, they would go back to patrolling.

    This ( is a copy of the bare bones of the problem I'm working on. Any and all help is appreciated, and can be rewarded with cupcakes ^_^

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  • Something like this?

    Sentry demo

    It should be easy to expand and add more functionality on top of that :)

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