Using more than one tilemap [SOLVED].

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  • I have two separate tilemaps (alien landscape & metal tiles). I wish to use both these tilemaps to create a level. How?

    I can load and use one tilemap ok and I can load a second but how do you switch between them? I have the tilemap bar open but it only shows one tilemap tab.

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  • Select the Pencil in the Tilemap bar then select the actual Tilemap in the layout view. Will change to the selected one in layout view.

  • I'm not sure what you mean here? Select which Tilemap? Choosing the pencil places a tile down, I want to have a second tilemap to select from.

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  • The issue is its not showing Tilemap2 for editing yes? Select the Pencil in the Tilemap bar, then select Tilemap 2 as it is in the layout (not in the Project list of items). Then the tab will be updated with Tilemap 2..

    I don't think it's possible to have two tabs, you can only load one at a time but you switch between them by doing the above.

  • Ok, I think there's some confusion here, when you say "select Tilemap 2 as it is in the layout" do you mean the 'Layout 1', the actual area where you work on?

  • Yeah I mean the layout aka the work space, the level. You need to select it from there with the selector tool or pencil to change between tilemaps.

  • I'm obviously doing something wrong as nothing i do switches tilesets. Here a quick video of what I'm doing.

  • I have the same issue, not being able to easily switch between tilesets. I wish Plinkie's method would work for me but it doesn't and I'm not sure why. I've asked about this a couple times on here but I never get a reply. I think either I'm doing something wrong (Very possible!) or there is a flaw in how to switch between them and it's quite annoying.

  • What you're doing at around 0.46 that works for me : S There must be a bug with it. Are you able to do it with a brand new project with 2 tilemaps?

  • That is a brand new project with two tilemaps. Just tried it again with new project and same, I can't access the second tilemap.

    I'm using the 64bit version on Windows 7.

  • And I'm using the 64 bit version on windows 8. I tried again with a blank project with the same results (can't switch between). I was thinking, even if it did work perfectly for me it would still be annoying to have to switch them this way since if you're layering tiles for background and collision like I am, you would need to move the tilemap slightly so you could click on it each time you wanted to switch between them, then move them back. Surely there must be an easier way to set up switching between the tilemaps.

  • Same. I'm on 64 Win7 on r152. I'm trying to break it but I can't lol.


    I think this is the only way of doing it at the moment : S

  • You couldn't somehow do a quick video showing us what you're doing could you?

  • Tried to use Fraps but it will only record the layout and no other dialog boxes so it's useless, but I switch between two tile sets easily and can draw and erase. The tilemap editor updates to the selected tilemap. : S

  • The manual suggests selecting the tilemaps from the z-order bar as selecting stuff that overlaps can get annoying. Have you tried using the z-order bar?

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