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  • Hi all, I'm coming to the end of developing a mobile game but I've encountered an unusual error and I'm hoping someone may be able to assist me in how to solve the issue.


    When exporting to HTML my game offers a leaderboard where the user can enter their name using a textbox. Simply click inside, write your name and click send. Simple.

    This same mechanism on mobile (Exporting to CocoonJS) has a much more difficult approach.

    Tapping inside the Textbox results in nothing. I expected the mobile keyboard to pop up and allow the user to enter their name.

    Solutions I've tried

    I've tested on multiple mobile devices and nothing on any of them. I've tried "on touch, set focus" but still nothing.

    Am I missing something I'm supposed to do, or is this simply not possible yet?

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone offers


    Seems if I export the game to a HTML format and run it through the mobile browser the mobile keyboard works. Problem now though is the game is running at around 12 - 16 fps.

    Could really do with a solution using CocoonJS export to get the keyboard as the game runs 32 - 37 fps in CocoonJS.

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  • This is still an issue. Trying to create some sort of work around now by designing my own keyboard and variables to indicate key strokes.

    Not efficient but it works.

    If anyone knows an easier way to access the mobiles on screen keyboard when exporting to CocoonJS please let me know.

  • Bumping the thread, I have no new information, any other ideas I could try would be useful.

    Thanks in advance as always

  • Update

    Seems its not possible at this time Textbox is currently unsupported.

  • Richard I have an old Samsung with qwerty-slider and my keyboard works fine on game.

    Gimme a capx example, i gonna try with the software keyboard.

  • breackzin

    Unfortunately I can't offer an example of the capx I am currently working on.

    I'll create a makeshift one for the moment as a demo and upload it shortly.

    In the meantime, create a textbox (so the user can input information), export the capx as a cocoonJS file, run it through the cocoonJS mobile app (ether Play Store or App Store) and tap inside the Textbox. Nothing happens.


    Here are the files I'm testing on with all the data you might need. Thanks for the help


    If you run this version through Windows XP, Vista, 7, Android or iOS the textbox works fine.

    The software keyboard on mobile and tablets all work as expected


    CocoonJS Export

    This version can only be tested on mobile, in this case mobile doesn't allow the software keyboard to be used. Or at least I can't get it to work

  • I've already "" is a must so my layout begins.

  • breackzin

    I don't understand what layouts have to do with textbox


    My first layout have a textbox as a prerequisite to the next one.

    Also, I was wrong telling you that it all worked fine because I remember now of not using cocoonjs, but a Lan preview with the textbox shaking.

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