Using same layout and event sheet for next level

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  • Hello, I am pretty new in both constuct 2 and programming world. Now I'm trying to build an app for kids to teach them english.

    well I'm posting my extremly noob project here; as you will see in first, app is asking you a question then you're answering and getting little celebration and after you TAB ON CAT second layout appers neverthless using same event sheet, when you tab on true answer little celebration is not working.

    by the way for second layout I didn't change question yet, so you should tab on two

    Thanks for your help

    and one more favour, if you suggest me a tuturial which can help me to build this app or just give some advise I would be very greatful.

    Crap I can't give link because of my rp if you send me personal message I can give I guess

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  • melilhck

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