Using the same key to toggle a state.

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  • Hello all,

    Im trying to get my each around this event based programming and I can't seem to solve this problem of using the same keyboard button to toggle a state on or off.

    Attached is my implementation:

    What it is suppose to do:

    When the black square moves (using the w,a,s,d keys) to a grey square and presses the space button (while facing the square) a message pops up and the black sprite is frozen until the interaction message is terminated with the space button again. However I am unable to terminate the interaction message with the space button and I am temporary using the control button to terminate the interaction message. This is because the space triggers both popup and termination of the message at the same time. This is where I need help. If you don't get what I mean please download the file from the dropbox link.

  • Use the boolean instance variable that you've already set up for the player: 'interact1'

    keyboard 'space' - toggle boolean 'interact1'

    • player boolean 'interact1' true? - do stuff
    • player boolean 'interact1' false? - do other stuff

    or something like that.

    Although, I haven't gone through your example very closely... as long as you only toggle it once per tick, you shouldn't have any problems.

    edit: Here you go.

  • Toggle? Simple:

    + On some key pressed

    • somevariable = 1 - variable
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  • Thanks, I'm so blind I completely missed the 'toggle' action. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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