Using Events to set an objects orgin

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  • I'm making a game where there are two balls, one of them is rotating. Problem is, the whole point of the game is how the other ball is meant to be parented to the ball and rotating with it, but I can't get the effect I want. The only way I can think of pulling this off is having an event that sets this balls origin to the other's, but as far as I can tell such an event does not exist. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

  • I'm not understanding what your goal is. The following is my best guess of what you are wanting but some of it I've just made up because you haven't included much detail.

    You have two balls that are on the screen. Ball A and Ball B. Both balls are in a fixed location on screen. Ball A is rotating and Ball B is stationary. When Ball A spawns on the screen at some random location, Ball B must be at least 100 pixels radius away from Ball A.

    If this did not describe what you want, then describe in detail what you want just like I did.

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  • Are you trying for relative position using a Parent Child model for ball B


    you want to PIN(behaviour) ball B to ball A.

    As I understand there is no Parent Child behaviour for sprites :( I've pinned objects to another, but unable to move them completely.

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