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  • I'm looking into adding some adventure aspects to my game with nonlinear dialogue.

    Anyone have experience connecting from something like chat mapper into C2?

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  • I know it is an old post, but was wondering if anyone dared purchasing it and tried to see how easy it is to use the xml output? I tried playing with their sample file, but it comes with so many attributes that it is all over the place and so far it seems worth trying to create the dialog file from scratch and reading through it by calling nodes with xpath expressions in C2 would be easier.

    I do see that Chat Mapper has the option to remove many of the elements and attributes that come by default but still it seems that you will need some extra work on how to implement the output in C2.

    Chat mapper seems like the perfect tool, but it seems more like a half step to create "non linear" dialogues, yet the second step has only been done for unity as they benefit from a plugin that integrates chat mapper pretty well.

    There is an exporter developer kit that comes with the commercial version, but it ain't affordable for most indie gamedevs and I am sure little amount of people would like to buy it to see if that is possible or not.

    At the moment, I am trying to work on an xml file that looks like simpler version of the chat mapper example, and build a routine in C2 using xpath that would work on a basic monologue/choices(4 max) dialogue system that I could reuse for any adventure game in the future. Yet I feel like there should be a better way to use the scripted conditions within chat mapper than what I am doing. Another thought. You can simulate the dialogue using lua script in ChatMapper, maybe you can reproduce it in C2 using the Lua_VM plugin from the fabulous RexRainbow?

    As you can see, I came with more questions than answers

    But I hope to hear some feedback from C2 users that may have used Chat Mapper as it seems a great tool , at least for composing the trees very quickly, compared to using "regular" xml editors.

    I know of the alternatives that Rex offers in the scenario plugin but I would like to use ChatMapper to compose quickly and easily share the file with voice over actors who would choke looking at an xml tree file.


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