How do I get the user's country iOS / Android

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  • Hey !

    Is it possible to get the user's country ? My app has a social integration (facebook) but it seems to not be possible anymore to get the user's country from Facebook :/

    So my question is : how do I get the user's country on iOS (important) / Android (less important)

    I know it's possible to get the language from the Browser object but as some countries use the same language it will not be accurate and I want it to be accurate :/

    Thanks in advance !!

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  • Okay so I found a solution (two to be exact) :

    First solution: FB Graph API call /me?fields=location{location} will return :

    "location": {

    "location": {

    "city": "Ottawa",

    "country": "Canada",

    "latitude": 45.4167,

    "longitude": -75.7,

    "state": "ON",

    "zip": "<<not-applicable>>"


    Then you just have to get result["location"]["location"]["country"]

    Second solution is to get the user's locale if location is not defined, this will return something like :

    fr_FR, the FR = the country code

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