Can UserMedia pug-in work on mobile device ?

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  • I have tried the sample project "webcam effects" on my android phone (4.x) and iPad mini, but both of them can't work well. Is the UserMedia plug-in support for mobile device now?

    Both of my mobile devices work well with the google's html5 demo :

  • It will work on mobile once browser developers add support for it. Mobile browsers are a year or two behind where desktop browsers are at the moment.

  • The manual says it may work with phone camera on a mobile but I can't .

    I just think maybe I got something wrong ...

    Thank you for give me the answer ,now I can give up :)

    But This html5 Page do making my phone camera work . with chrome on both my phone and iPad mini. Maybe google have another way make it works? @

  • Just ran into this problem today. I was hoping to make a tool for my students to take and analyze video with their iPads. With iOS 6.0, Safari does have the capability. From the Apple iOS 6.0 Release Notes:

    "Support has been added for <input type="file"> tags in web forms. Users can upload existing photos and videos from their photo library or take a picture or video using the camera. Previously, this form control was always disabled."

    At this point does it make sense for me to make my own plugin, or should I hold tight for an official version?

  • Any idea if the filereader plugin will let me grab images from the iOS camera roll?

    Ideally I would get the image data straight from the camera, but going from the camera roll would be a decent workaround.

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  • cjbruce did you manage to solve or work around this problem? I'm also trying to import or open photos on iOS but it doesn't seem to be a solution.

  • iOS just uses any <input type='file'> as a button to select an image from camera roll or by taking new picture (at least it does so in a web page, I don't know how it reacts in an application, should be the same).

    The filereader plugin will then help you, as it triggers exactly what you want.

    I had some problems with the plugin though and had to twick it a little to add possibility of hiding/displaying the <input>.

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