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  • So I am trying to make it so that users can set text (I want people to be able to name worlds).

    Link to my file

    On the NewGame layout and event sheet. I want users to be able to change "Text2" (Insert World Name) to whatever they want. I set a global variable for the text but I am not sure how to make it be user defined. Any suggestions?

    I've been playing with it for a couple hours, I just am clueless about this.

    Edit: Fixed link

  • The link you've provided can only be accessed by you. You need to select the 'public' link.

  • Thanks. I fixed it, should work now.

  • So I took another look again, I don't think there is any form of text editing in C2 (as far as I can tell), anyone happen to know or have stumbled upon soemthing?

  • I don't yet use C2 much, but it looks like you're correct.

    CC has the 'Editbox' for such a task as you require, which doesn't appear to have been implemented as yet :(

    Early days, so I expect this will change soon enough.

  • Alright that is what I had figured. Thanks for looking though.

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  • Hi Guys,

    I have been building education games where a user will need to input words. As a workaround you can build a clickable keyboard and set whatever letter the user clicks on to a text object. I'm not sure if this is what you want but it should work well. The other advantage of using this approach is that it will work well for mobile devices too.



  • You totally just gave me an idea.

    I assume that by built, you mean you used sprites or something for each letter? And then just had an event that input the correct letter? How exactly did you get the input to show up and be recognized by your program? The only concern I have is that I would need the name to be a single value so that it could be shown in text with a global variable.

  • Here is how I did it.


    There are no comments at the moment so let me know if you have any problems.

    EDIT: This should work...

  • Your link keeps giving me a 404. Is that the public link?

  • Don't click the link, copy it to the url bar.

    Or click here.

    simwhi thanks for the share.

  • Ah thanks. Excited to see how this works.

  • I did copy the public link but I'm not sure what went wrong. I've fixed the problem now. Click on the link above again.

    Sorry about that!!!

  • No problem Kyatric. Let me know if there is a better way of doing it. I'm still learning!!!!

  • I think I am going to try and mess with it and see if there is a way to have it so that when you type a letter on the keyboard, it tells the program to type that. Do you have a way so that the final name or word can be recognized as a value and be given to something, like say, a save game file?

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