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  • Hello Everyone,

    Recently I wanted to create a online alike text based game but I can't seem to save and load something basic like someone's name. all im getting right is saving it locally but I wanna save it on the same location that the exported files is (the place where I upload the game)

    Thanks in advance for anyone that could help me

    A template / example will mean the world for me



  • To do something like that you're going to need to use Ajax and have some knowledge of a back end programming language like php.

    If you have that kind of knowledge I have written a tutorial for someone else on using ajax/php/mysql to send high score information to a server and retrieve it. You could adapt that process to a user login system. It's how we're handling user logins with our rewrite of our game UWE. Although that login system is way more complex than what you're talking about, it still breaks down to using ajax to send the user name and password and then checking it's return info to see if it was successful.

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  • Thanks for the reply, I will check into this ajax add-on, although i'm new to C2 have have a ton other programming experiences like Java, C++, Python but HTML5 is a new thing 4 me :)

  • Then you should have little trouble using Ajax and a back end setup. Pick your fav programming language (that your server can support) and have at it!

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