How do I use/force MP3 files in my game?

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  • I have a problem: The target platform on which my game should run does not support OGG or M4A.

    Crazy, but that's the way it is. Is it possible to force MP3 in any way for my project? Maybe via an external plugin or certain adjustments that I would have to make after exporting?

    Thanks a lot for any help!


  • I've never heard of such a platform. I didn't think any existed. Which platform is it exactly? If it turns out it does actually support OGG or M4A - as all known platforms have for years - then the problem doesn't need solving.

  • Yes, I feel like you too. I don't want to give any names here, of course, but the game should be integrated into their app (android apk) and I was told that they would not support OGG and M4A / MP4 and I had to convert that to MP3 by myself.

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  • Android has had support for both formats for years!

  • Yes, i know that. As i said, I couldn't believe it either, but they have assured me that only MP3 is possible in their "special" environment.

    Anyway, I started today to create a plugin for them that uses Howler... Lucky me, that my game only uses "Play", "Set Silent" and "Is Silent", so it should be easy to accomplish :)

  • Ashley, could you please tell me how to get a list of all the files (names) that are in "Sounds" and "Music"? Like "AddAudioFileParam" does it.

    I would like to set them in my plugin as source for the Howler object. Thanks :)

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