Upscaled pixel art in motion issue

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  • Hello !

    I'm using a camera in my game that increases and decreases the layout scale according to the players distance ( 2 players ).

    The problem I have, is that when the camera zooms out, the layout scale decreases, and all of the pixelated objects start to loose shape/details. Also, when the players stop the camera lerps to their positions, and starts to screen tear.

    What would you guys recommend ? I tried setting HDPI on, Fullscreen quality to high, but still can't seem to achieve a sharp overall picture.

    Here's a google drive link to an example:

    Edit: The example picture i linked seems blurry, but i DID turn on Point Sampling for the pixel art assets

  • Sound like you have pixel art blurryness due to how the game recreate/resize each shape. Um not sure how to solve this but Ive read on some other places that you would need to have several sprite pack for each zoomed sized.

    but after seeing your image I couldnt find any blurryness other then fps word so perhap it depend on the sprite you are using ?

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  • If you have your sampling set to "point" then there shouldn't be any blurring, it should be sharp. Lerping will cause a bit of jumpiness though because your assets don't move between pixels like they do with linear.

    What happens when you make it full screen is it can stretch the image out of proportion (be it ever so slightly). If you set your fullscreen option to 'off' or 'integer letterbox scale' then it should look as intended. If you are zooming out too far though it wont look right for the same reason.

    There is no complete solution from what I have seen and is a problem for all engines. The only thing I can suggest is that you design the game with a resolution in mind. For me that is a 16: 9 ratio. So 1280, 720 is fine and scales up to 1920, 1080 without issue.

    Pixel art is easy to create but not particularly easy to work with! I still love it though.

  • Yeah the problem that annoys me the most is the jumpiness you referred. When I do pixel art, I use resolutions that can be scaled up to 1080p, so in the game I'm making now, the window size is 640x360, because I thought it would scale up perfectly. Now the only thing that bugs me is what happens when I zoom out/decrease scale. But anyways, thanks for the responses guys !

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