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  • Hello,

    I know that you can upload your game here to Scirra's arcade. But how does one upload a game to their own website? I looked through the tutorials sections, and there is some good in-depth stuff about how it all works, but nothing (that i've found anyway) to actually say -how- one goes about uploading a game to their own website.

    Any information (or tutorials I might have missed) is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • I'm not the best at explaining things but I'm willing to help you out with uploading, I upload my games to my web server with filezilla . Your webhost might have an upload system in its cpanel or whatever backend it uses.

    You just need to export the game and copy the entire file directory (the exported game file) to where you want it on your webserver. You could use something like an iframe to embed your game onto a different webpage of your site.

    Sorry if that doesn't make a great deal of sense, Do you have a server to upload your game to?

  • I'm not sure how far along you are with your web experience, so this answer may cover really basic stuff you already know...

    1. You have to have web hosting

    2. You have to export your game using that option from the file menu, ribbon or project bar - this will create the entire structure on your hard drive, wherever you choose.

    3. At this point, what I do, is log on to my web host and go into cPanel, and using the file manger, upload everything that the export project created. The main files, the images folder (and everything in that folder) and anything else that export created.

    Or you can consult this


  • You simply need to upload all the exported files to your host. Each host has their own system of uploading usually, so if you don't know how to upload files to your host, it's best to ask them.

    You could try uploading your game to Dropbox to give you an idea how it's done with their service: Uploading your game to Dropbox

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  • These are all helpful. I will give them a shot and see how it all goes and if there are any other questions I'll post :)

    Thanks again!

  • I just tried uploading an HTML5 game (the Ghost Shooter tutorial) and it worked great. It played on my PC and my ipad. Well, it didn't play well in my ipad because I didn't write any touch objects/events...but it played. I uploaded to a schoolwires host. They're a common source for public school website hosting in the US. I'm totally new but loving learning how to write games!

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