How to upload to PHP server

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  • After weeks searching and not finding anything, I thought and found a solution, no gambiarra of turning images I base64 or something like.

    It's simple, you add File Choose and a button.

    Add the Web plugin and when you start the layout you put it to execute as javascript command:


    $(function () {
     var form;
     $('#fileUpload').change(function (event) {
     form = new FormData();
     //var name =[0]; extenção
     $('#btnEnviar').click(function () {
     url: 'URL', // URL of your server
     data: form,
     processData: false,
     contentType: false,
     type: 'POST',
     success: function (data) {
     // return

    Remember to set the ID of the file chooser to 'fileUpload' and from the button to 'btnEnviar' or another of your own, but do not forget to change the js code as well.

    In php:

     $file_name = $_FILES['fileUpload']['name'];
     $file_size = $_FILES['fileUpload']['size'];
     $file_type = $_FILES['fileUpload']['type'];
     $temp_name = $_FILES['fileUpload']['tmp_name'];
     $location = "../imagens/";
     move_uploaded_file($temp_name, $location . $file_name);
     echo "done";
     echo "Error";

    That's it, it's very easy to.

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