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  • Hi, im having black screen on kongregate when i try to preview my game. I followed the tutorial but my game didnt work.

    -I added the kongregate behavior to my project.

    -I exported to html5 website

    -I uploaded the folder to dropbox and added the (edited)kongregate_shell.html file

    -I pasted the the link for kongregate_shell.html into the "API Callback URL" textbox.

    -I pasted the link for the game folder into the "IFrame URL" textbox, in the second step of kongregate.

    I tried the same but exporting to kongregate instead to html5 website, with the same results.

    Someone know what im doing wrong?

    EDIT: r114

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  • Solved:

    -In the "IFrame URL" textbox you must paste the link from your index.html, not the link from your folder

    -If you use dropbox, be sure that your folder is inside "public" folder.

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