How do I upload to Kongregate?

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  • I've exported my game using the Kongregate option. I'm going through the Kongregate upload page and it asked for the game file, but none of them work. It wants a flash or unity file, but I've tried all the files generated by the exporter.

  • Here, I found a tutorial for you:

    But keep in mind, that kongregate is mainly flash or unity, but it does support JavaScript to some extent. According to the tutorial all non flash/unity submissions have to be approved by the team.

    I'm not sure how high-a-quality your game is, but I don't recommend uploading 'test' games.

  • Hmmm, this is way too complicated and seems out of date, since it suggests exporting your file as an HTML5 file rather than the in-built Kongregate option. I would assume you'd need to use the Kongregate option to upload to Kongregate, so there needs to be a new tutorial or something.

    Followed it anyway, got absolutely nowhere. The links don't point to the right places and I couldn't even get the correct files downloaded. I think I'll wait an update or three until this is simplified or a working tutorial appears.

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  • farflamex

    It works perfectly for me. I didn't submit it though as I have no finished projects at the moment. If this is complicated I suggest switching to another platform.

    If you want me to rewrite the tutorial for you, I can if you want.

  • I love Construct so I won't switch platform just to use Kongregate. It's not exactly a big issue right now, just something I'd like to look into.

    I do use computers a lot and I've programmed in dozens of languages - I only use Construct now because it's such a joy to use and makes programming fun. Point I'm making is, I'm very computer-savvy, so I don't think this is just a case of me being dumb. Maybe though :p

    The main problems I had with the tutorial were, first it said to export as a html5 project, which seems strange considering theres a specific Kongregate option in C2 now. And secondly, the links didn't seem to link correctly or it wasn't clear what I was looking for.

    I'd appreciate an updated tutorial but I don't expect you to go out of your way. I get a feeling that something has changed since you wrote it, which may be why it didn't work.

  • why did scirra make the Kongregate exporter if it doesn't work lol, or maybe we need a new tutorial to use it. I checked the manual and it said woopsy daisy.

  • Nvermind, i figured it out from someone on scirra. Youtube video comming soon at ConstructDude on youtube.

  • Hi farflamex,

    You just need to export to Kongregate.

    If you decide to use dropbox, you have to create a Public folder.

    Here there is a video that I hope will help:

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