How do I UPLOAD json data

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  • Hi all,

    This is my second post about this....problem!!!

    I need help for save .json file in my server... like:

    • my app of facebook take the id of the user.

    -the php file will make a folder with the name of ID user.

    • when the user save the game, the php file will make a file and upload and overwrite a file like "save.json" of an array or others...

    Why this? I achieved for save the variable of the user in my database, but for make advance savegame (like object in a level, maps...etc, I can't save on my database..., doesn't make sense, I have to make 1000 rows for every users... )

    nobody need this?

    I think is one of the most important for make a good app or perfect savegame, for example, you can use this for store an information for one of the level, without waste your database...easy and fast, you can save and edit a different position of the tilemap, etc....

    I found this topic "how to save an image" and sounds like more difficult than save .json file...and it is solved...

    and why I need the file in the server? because the savegame is accessible in all of the devices and you don't need to worry about the cache... or something like that...

    someone could help me please? I searched in different place but nothing...

    and if I use AJAX, I can send just 2048 characters, so, if I want to POST the "text.Json" in a php, is too small....maybe I'm wrong??

    Thank you all

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