How do I upload image from FILE CHOOSER to URL?

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  • Hello,

    From the attached image (from one of the example project), I would like to know if I can download the image from UserMedia.SnapshotURL to a directory in my server? Example; Download it to www,ABCD,com/snapshot


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  • It says "download" on that action. That implies that it is coming FROM the server, not to?

  • Very good question..

    I should be that way, but when I just RUN LAYOUT from .capx file, there is no server running with it yet I am able to take snap shot and download it to my pc.

    So I think that the snapshot is kept in a form of data until we download it into a from of image file. And when you download it, it only goes into your device (Download folder), while I want it to be saved into some specific directory (or into server directory).

    It doesn't need to be from UserMedia Snapshot, my intention is change Usermedia object to FILE CHOOSER to select file from my device and upload it to specific URL.


  • When you select "Run layout" from the capx, it creates a local virtual server to run the preview on. I still think you might be using the wrong method, but I have not done file uploads in Construct yet.

    Look here for a similar issue:

  • gumshoe2029

    Sorry to give unclear questions, and thank you for the link, just what I wanted.


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