How do I upload my HTML5 game on a Wix website

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  • Hello,

    I'm new to Construct 2 and I'm juste starting to make a game

    I'm trying to upload my game to my Wix website, they are asking me to write HTML code, and only HTML code.

    How do I do whith all the files I have when I export an HTML project ?

    Thanks for your answers

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  • Well, you can create an HTML game and upload all the files but it is a real hassle and it is a lot easier to upload your game to the C2 arcade and check the box to allow it to be shared on other websites.

    Then go to your game and click the Link To Game button and copy that short HTML code and put that into your own website. It will play fast and any scores submitted from your website will still go to the leader board on C2 arcade and your stats will show up there.

    You can see my games I have on my website using the C2 arcade for example in my signature.

  • Regretfully pointing to the arcade from your own website, your link is blocked by MalwareBytes because of a possible unwanted program (PUP).

    While your game and website is perfectly valid, MalwareBytes seems to think the forward is suspicious.

    I contacted MalwareBytes support several times about blocking perfect legal websites, but there are no willing to do something about it. However, a user can always exclude it from the quarantaine list. However, many surfers panic by seeing such a message.

    I am no fan of Wix either. Too limited in my opinion.

  • I know this is an older post but if anyone is looking for an easy way to get a game up on a wix site here is a tutorial on Indie DJ.

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