How do I Upload an highsocre to web leaderboard

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  • Hello there!

    I want to upload a highscore i created in construct to an website integrated leaderboard.

    At first i would have to get the values from this page to check, if the player has an higher score as he probably had before (so every player should be unique to determine that there are 10 entries with the same player - there should be an unique tag or something - or an e-mail comparison - basically something to avoid multiple registrations).

    After the comparison, the highscore should be able to transmitted to the webpage. Another question depending on this: How do i make sure that there is no changings on the highscore outside the application? Is it possible to encode the values and encode them via php receiver on the leaderboard page?

    Has someone experience with this topic - I hadnt uploaded an highsocre to an webpage before so each help would be awesome!

    Thank you very much!

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