How do I upload a game for free on anything

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  • Ok I'm getting desperate I can't seem to find anything that actually works that I can upload my games online with. Please anything, it doesn't matter just let me know if you have any suggestions just let me know

  • Stop spamming your question. Ask it once and give people time to respond.

  • Oh sorry XD

    and I don't think I'm spamming, I asked once

  • Actually you made multiple topics with the same question, so that's pretty much spamming.

    Also please, prefer to edit your posts (the pen icon in the top right corner) rather than posting several posts in a row, that's considered spamming as well.

    (see what I did to your previous post, gathering them into a single one, it is better this way)

    As for your issue see this tutorial that should take into account the update.

    You may have found it yourself by using the search feature in the tutorials and the keyword "Google Drive".

    There's one for Dropbox as well.

    And sometime updates are strictly visual but the logic of use behind it is still the same. Don't be afraid by different looking interfaces, try to use them nonetheless.

  • I did try and couldn't figure it out and thank you very much although that google drive tutorial did not help at all

  • google drive


    just sign up...and drag folder...

  • Google drive has changed so I don't think it can be used that way anymore and bit balloon says "This site has no index.html - make sure your site has an index.html file that will serve as the home page." so do I need a website for it?

  • i just upload to Google Drive...and works!

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  • Do I need that chrome html document?

    Also please explain how you did that with google drive. I can't select part of the link for the host url or even find a host url

  • OK forget everything my only problem is where do I put the new link? Because I can't change the "link to share" So where do I put it?

  • you need a whole folder...(New project)

    just upload folder to google drive...right clik...Share....Get shareable link... copy link somewhere(notepad)...

    type in browser


    and part off link between "id=" and "&usp"

  • I'm just going to say right now. You don't have permission to do a lot of stuff on these forums. Gotta build rep and stuff.

    Dropbox works. I JUST followed that tutorial. Everything works fine (can't post links obvs) but I promise if you follow that tutorial it WILL work. It's the fastest loading I feel and I've tried 3 - 4.

    I have my own URL and I can honestly say that Dropbox is faster. Sounds like I'm trying to sell them but it's just the truth.

  • Here's the link ... index.html but all I get is an error saying that requested url is not on the server when I put it in the search bar so what do I do with the link once I get it?

  • I don't know maybe I'm just an idiot xD

  • Also the tutorial says new dropbox accounts don't have public folders and to get them it gives a link and when you click on the link it does let you make public folders but dropbox says to do that I have to upgrade my account which costs money

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