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  • New changes

    A couple of changes which should benefit everyone:

    1. You can add a capx to arcade games now which can be downloaded by everyone

    2. Anyone with >1000 rep will have their submissions to the arcade auto approved

    There are 2 ways to add a capx to an arcade game:

    1. Click edit, and attach it from the link there. Doesn't matter what the capx is called.

    2. Add the capx file to the arcade zip file before uploading. Make sure the capx is named game.capx or it will be rejected

    The next release of Construct 2 will have an option to add the capx on export.

    Encouraged to use the arcade

    A lot of people who answer peoples questions post capx's, it would be beneficial to the community if this was uploaded to the arcade itself with the capx attached, and then linked to.

    Of course you don't have to. However if you choose not to we would love to hear why not, we want to make adding examples to the arcade as easy and convenient as possible so all suggestions are welcomed.

    Benefits of uploading examples to the arcade

    • You get kudos, rep, badges etc :)
    • It creates a searchable index, if the same question is asked again a simple link to the arcade will suffice
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  • This is a great, great idea! Will do it in the future for any posted examples.

    One idea:

    Should have an indicator on each page to say what version of C2 the example and capx is from.

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