How do I upload my C2 file to Wix or Wordpress? Or is there

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  • OK. I've spent the better half of three days trying to figure this out. I built a game, admittedly it's a large file 60mb. I want to put it on a website so it can be beta tested via a browser - preferably, I don't want folks to have to download it to play it. I've reviewed all the tutorials/forum pages for help and obviously I am missing something.

    I even downloaded Dreamweaver to try loading them in, but Wix doesn't offer a FTP and if Wordpress does, I can't seem to locate it. Now I am using the free versions of both Wix and - maybe that's the problem. I have no idea.

    I did try to do it the easy way by uploading to the Scirra Arcade and then embed the link, but I keep getting a "413 Request Entity Too Large" issue during the upload.

    What I have done is complete the C2 exports - the files are ready to be exported - but when I go to Wordpress or Wix to figure out where to upload the files this is where I get shutdown. I believe I understand the concept of the html language to embed in an iframe. But, where do the files from the C2 export actually go?

    Preferably I would like a step-by-step process or guidance. Or maybe someone tells me I am overthinking this. Nonetheless, I am stuck.


  • You could try using

    I'm not sure what their filesize limit is but you can drag your build folder directly into the box at the bottom of the home page to test. The service is free, you can rename the URLs and (I think) add a password. If you already have a Wordpress acct you could just add the link.

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  • Mekon thanks for your suggestion - I will check it out and use it.

    I do want to learn how to do it in the more technical way (I'm a pretty fast learner after I've seen it once), so if you know the steps to do that or someplace on the web that has a step-by-step guide, I'd appreciate that, too.

    But, I still REALLY appreciate the heads-up on bitballoon! Thx.

  • jhjconstruct

    You're welcome

    Sadly I'm uncertain how to go about exactly what you're after - it's something I really need to learn too (I've been spoiled by the convenience of bitballoon!) Hopefully somebody else on here will help us both out.

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