How do I upload big projects in Phonegap Build

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm encountering a problem with Phonegap export : When I click the "Upload a .zip file" button in PhoneGap Build, I can then select the zip file I just created (from all the files in the exported folder), then I'm back at the previous screen and... nothing happens. Just like I clicked the cancel button...

    I tried it two times with small, test projects, and it's working fine. Is there any reason why my big project (47Mb) would not upload to PhoneGap while small ones do?

    Thanks for your help !

    EDIT : After the upload failed, if I click on "private", it shows the following message : "File is too large. File must be less than 40 MB. "

    Any idea if it is possible to upload files that are less than 40Mb size?

    As I plan to use Phonegap only for iOS 8, are there ways to reduce the exported file's size, such as removing either the .OGG or the .M4A sounds?

    Thanks for your help !

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