How do I upgtade OpenSSL

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  • Hello , a quick question...

    I recived an alert saying this:

    Security alert

    The application sends a static version of OpenSSL multiple security vulnerabilities. We recommend that you upgrade OpenSSL soon.

    The vulnerabilities are fixed since version OpenSSL 1.0.1h, 1.0.0m and 0.9.8za. To check which version you use OpenSSL, you can run the grep tool ("$ unzip -p YourApp.apk | strings | grep" OpenSSL ""). For more information about the vulnerability, see

    To ensure that you have made the correct upgrade, upload updated version Developer Console and return over five hours.

    Note that although it is not clear if your application is affected by these problems, applications vulnerabilities that expose users to compromise security risk can be considered 'dangerous' and can be removed from Google Play.

    The QUESTION is : How do I upgrade OpenSSL .

    Can I upgrade somehow with Construct2 or Intel becouse i made the game using Intel XDK

    Thank you

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  • we got the same problem

  • Yeah , but how could i fix this?

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