upgrading my personal license from r132 to r146

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  • I am having a personal license for R132 version which doesn't have the DEBUGGER option.

    The DEBUGGER option is available only in the R146 version.

    Since, I a having many critical projects running I do not want to experiment.

    MY QUESTION : Is it possible to download the free version of R146 version which has the debugger and upload my personal license which was originally bought for the R132 version. And run my old projects which were created using R132.

    This is quite urgent and do not want to screw up the projects I am working on.


    Karthikeyan P

  • Your license is valid for EVERY version of C2 whether stable or beta.

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  • but will the project files be upward compatible with the newer version

  • Unfortunately, that's something you won't know for certain until you try.

    Obviously, make backups of all your current work BEFORE you open and save in a newer version. That way, you can always go back to the previous version.

    Breaking changes are shown HERE for the latest stable release.

    If you upgrade then find that something no longer works as previously, then it could be down to a breaking change, and I'd suggest posting in the How Do I section with any issues.

    I will say that not upgrading would be foolish, as many bugs have been fixed, and new and improved Plugins/Behaviors introduced.

    Good luck.

  • We endeavour to keep every update of Construct 2 backwards compatible wherever feasible. On very rare occasions we make breaking changes, and clearly point them out in the release notes.

    Back up your project and then open it in the new version. If you want to go back for some reason, reinstall the older build and open the backup (note if you save in a newer version you can't open in an older version, which is why you should back up). Hopefully though everything will just work smoothly.

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